Wednesday, January 1, 2014


MUSIC NOT NOIZE is officially 1 year old today! I feel a big sense of accomplishment and gratification having actually stuck with this project, and though I sometimes lose steam for a few days, I intend to keep this blog going (now in green!). I have an endless supply of cool punk releases from all over the world to share with all my fellow music enthusiasts out there with a thirst for more! And of course, my hobby always has me acquiring more records and tapes - the more interesting, obscure, and exciting ones obviously destined to make it on here! 

In the interest of coming full circle, I bring you a record related to my very first post exactly one year ago. This is very possibly my favorite punk record OF ALL TIME! No one has ever moved me the way POST REGIMENT does on this LP. It's an astonishing blend of speed, bounce, melody, and some of the strongest vocals ever to make it on a punk record. The production is perfect, and the cover art is awesome. Most of you probably already know this, but if you don't, I hope you'll download it and that your life will be changed. Enough gushing, on to the embarrassing story about when I met Nika, the singer of POST REGIMENT...

I was on a nearly 2 month tour of Europe, playing bass in DESKONOCIDOS. We were in the Eastern leg of the trip, playing 3 shows in Poland with ALERT! ALERT! After an awesome show at some sort of anarchist center in Lublin, we headed to Warsaw to play the Elba Squat. The turnout was great and I recall feeling really loose and energetic. After we played, a woman came up to me with some praise, thanked us for coming all the way from Texas, and offered some of her weed. I thanked her, politely declined her offer, and pointed her toward the real potheads in the band. We all proceeded to drink and be merry while watching the other bands, and later my pal Logan and I managed to win our first foosball match in Europe! No small feat for a couple amateur Americans. Not too long after this, as things were wrapping up, I was chatting with the organizer of our Polish shows, Mike Champagne, and POST REGIMENT came up in conversation. Mike lit up and replied, "you know, that's the singer of Post Regiment right over there," and pointed to the woman who had come up to me after our set. I became flush with excitement and started thinking about how to approach her about this. I mean, the singer from one of the most influential bands to me was in the same room! When would this happen again? So as I'm trying to think of what to say, she gets up and starts heading toward a doorway right behind where I'm standing. I have to act quick. I whip around, my judgement skewed by too much alcohol and a foosball-victory high, and tap her shoulder as she's about to pass. "Hey! You were in Post Regiment??!" I pull my camera out of my pocket, stupid drunk grin on my face - "can I take a picture with you??" Her expression instantly sours in the most appalled way, she cries, "no no no!" and storms off. Crap. What the hell was I thinking? Where was my tact? I meant to say, "I'm Matt, Post Regiment is SO important to me, one of my biggest influences, and it's so cool to meet you!" What the fuck would I do with an awkward photo of me standing next to her anyway? Dumbass...
Later after we packed up the van we were saying our goodbyes to some of the folks who had stuck around to party. She was still there and was participating in the goodbyes, so I sheepishly waved bye, and she kinda did to, but I felt like a total ass. 

I was curious to see which records were the most popular to my blog visitors, so I thought it would be fun to identify the ones with the most downloads. Ranking can be fun sometimes right? Anyway, here are the top 10, in descending order from most downloaded!


  1. Matt,
    I wish you all the best to the first anniversary of MUSIC NOT NOIZE! Good luck with your great blog. I hope that you will continue along in the same spirit - posting interesting and obscure punk recordings from around the world. Take care! Btw, thanx for V/A - Underground From Spils 2!


  2. happy first anniversary MNN, hope there's more to come! Thanks!


  4. have a good year mate, take care and thanx