Tuesday, January 7, 2014

V/A - DEN MAGISKA CIRKELN: A Hardcore Compilation

A stunning assortment of material from 5 of the best hardcore bands active in Sweden in 2008. SVARTENBRANDT kicks this off with the strongest track on the whole 7". "Som Hand Uran Handske" rages intensely while retaining an array of melodies coming from the guitars and even some harmonized vocal hooks, all combining to equal one finely crafted hardcore punk song. Their second track is similarly great, but doesn't charm me like first. On to THURNEMAN's treble-y thrashing punk: 2 originals and a brisk HUVUDTVÄTT cover. BAD AMPUTATION attacks at a quick pace with a sharp high-end, and a scratchily-sung female vocalist. INSTÄNGD does one fast rudimentary hc track that feels like it could come a part at any second, which gives it a genuinely reckless feel. Their second track is a PINHEADS cover. FÖRMÖGENHET wraps things up with 3 short surges of catchy distorted hardcore perfection. This is not one of those comps that's trying to give space to any band who wants to be a part of it (not to sound like there's a problem with those comps. I fully advocate them!). It's my guess that the bands were intentionally selected, and the tracks carefully chosen in order to create a 100 percent "all killer no filler" collection, which makes for fine listening, no? 

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