Saturday, January 11, 2014

LAST HOPE - Demo 1995

Here's the 1995 demo from probably the most influential and well-known hardcore band from Bulgaria, LAST HOPE. Once you get through the kind of monotonous but short into track, the demo shows a cool variety of sounds, most notably the urgent vocals and use of unconventional rhythms to spice up would otherwise come off as pretty generic hardcore. The closing track even ends in a melodic outro that brings to mind some sounds that came out of the UK early 80s anarcho scene! Their message seems to be generally challenging violence, drug use, intolerance, and hate. Here are some enthusiastic words about the band that I found on discogs; written by someone who seems to have a fair amount of experience and knowledge of LAST HOPE :

Since their formation in 1995, Last Hope established themselves as a major influence on not only the hardcore and punk scene in Bulgaria, but the whole underground community. Last Hope is the definition of hardcore – their remarkable style is an unique mixture of raw energy, intensity, heavy hard-hitting sound and unmistakable vocals. The true power of Last Hope has always been playing live, where they really blow things up. Those who hadn’t the chance to witness their live-show would never understand. Last Hope have played numerous gigs and festivals at home and all over Europe – they’ve toured and been to places that only few have been: taking off from their local dominant Balkan areas, through the regular Western Euro destinations, going as far as possible to countries like Turkey and Russia. No matter if it's a small underground club or a big open-air festival, Last Hope always deliver their hi-octane life-show and put the energy level to the maximum...

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