Thursday, January 2, 2014


One of Sweden's greatest exports of all time - the mighty Vart Fria Land LP! I just saw one sell on Ebay for a stomach-twisting amount of dollars, so I felt an urge to share it here, free of charge. HUVUDTVÄTT was arguably Sweden's first hardcore band, and while a bit sloppy on this recording, it remains one of the most ferocious and unhinged offerings of hardcore I've ever heard. I believe I remember learning from an interview that they borrowed KURT I KUVÖS' drummer for this session, and I get the sense that maybe his unpreparedness contributes a lot to the overall feel. Nonetheless, I find it extremely compelling and it never fails to get me out of my seat! The guitar riffs are brilliant and the vocals are just maniacal, both lending much inspiration heard in legends-to-come TOTALITÄR and others. While HUVUDTVÄTT's attack remains steady and consistent on here, KURT I KUVÖS offers ten tracks of incredibly innovative and memorable tracks covering a wider spectrum of sounds. 2 Members of the band formed KIK at the young ages of 13 and 14, and also started a zine and the great Really Fast label, which went on to release many classic Swedish hardcore releases, including this one. Any international hc/punk archive is criminally incomplete without this one!

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  1. I love this LP i once almost got it when I was at a record store in SF in the early 90's, they had the cover so I brought it to the counter but they couldn't find the record in the warehouse. I was so angry. lol Never seen it since. Thanks for the upload. Great piece of swedish hardcore!

    Todd Norin