Tuesday, January 14, 2014

V/A Daffodils To The Daffodils, Here's The Daffodils LP

After an explanation for the odd title by John Peel, this comp doesn't let up for a second. Some classic material from bands like MAU MAUS, ONSLAUGHT, and one of Finland's best, DESTRUCKTIONS, as well as some less heard stuff from New York hardcore punk bands like UNJUST (before they went metal) and NO CONROL. If that wasn't enough, exclusive tunes from Sweden's NONCENS and the only other MORBID HUMOUR track I've ever seen aside from their split with ANTI-SYSTEM should get you downloading. As an added bonus, Pax decided to include the great first single by goth band LEITMOTIV to give this thing more variety. The critical analysis and introspective rant about punk politics written by Marcus Featherby of Pax Records on the back of the LP is worth reading for some context of the time and place. His perspective of running a punk label while trying to maintain ethical standards and how one can get treated/taken advantage of while trying to do so seems to be timeless scenario. All in all, a very interesting and awesome international comp covering a wide range of sounds. 

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