Monday, December 30, 2013


I somehow managed to survive one more holiday in the Dallas suburbs, and I'm desperately grateful to be back in my radical/progressive Bay Area bubble! To celebrate, I bring you this Swedish punk gem from Pissed records, circa 1984. ANTI-HUND MINA takes the cake with some upbeat and gruff melodic punk - some for the best early Swedish stuff in my opinion! The PÖBEL MÖBEL side isn't quite as memorable, and the lyrics follow pretty silly cliche "evil" topics, but it's still a good listen. Good friends of mine could tell you that A-HM's "Hon Är Med Barn" has made it onto many mix tapes I've made in the past. Good splits don't always feature obvious or well-known bands!

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  1. I discovered Anti-Hund Mina on a Swedish new wave compilation called "The Bosse Sound" it was a CD I picked up several years ago. Pobel Mobel was also on the compilation but AHM's songs always really stuck out to me (the songs on the comp were Hon Ar Med Barn and Mammas Gosse..translates as momma's boys) because they are so fucking good!! I love how they have that new wave catchy-ness but still sound tough! Do you know where I can find any more information on this band or their releases?