Friday, December 6, 2013

Noise of ZMIV - 1979-1984 LP

ZMIV hailed from the northern countryside of Holland and released on of the most raging and collectible euro hardcore EP's. The Banzai! EP features a strong ruckus of pogo blended with early thrash, but with gruffly-sung vocals and neat guitar lines. It's an 8-song banger without a single boring moment - a perfect hardcore EP. In addition to that EP this collection contains some live tracks, a rehearsal recording, and their awesome tracks from the Als Je Haar Goed Zit LP compilation. I find those 3 comp tracks equally as compelling as their Bonzai! EP, but in a much different way. They're much more MOTORHEAD/metal influenced in melody and in the riffing, but still fast, urgent, and with a unmistakably punk production. Such a great band! Shame about the terrible looking art/layout on this reissue though! No doubt it's deterred a few potential ZMIV followers from buying this release! Time to reconsider!  

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