Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ZIELONE ŻABKI - Live Jarocin '88 Tape

Remaining faithful to my promise of "Z" bands (this one actually has TWO Z's!), I bring you a live recording from Polish punk band ZIELONE ŻABKI. There are no vinyl documents of this band to my knowledge, just a few tapes and a CD. As clearly indicated in the title, this recording catches them live at the legendary Jarocin Festival. Unfortunately I don't understand Polish, so I don't know what all the in-between song banter is all about. Judging by the crowd responses I'm guessing it's great! ZZ combines urgent punk with dashes of other influences like reggae or pop at times, but mostly stays on point throughout the set. Likeness to DEZERTER is very evident at times. 

                         ZIELONE ŻABKI