Thursday, December 12, 2013


Possibly my last post starting with Z for a while because I'm finding myself wanting to post bands beginning with other letters of the alphabet. This is a stand-up German hardcore record from Berlin featuring folks from the almighty VORKRIEGSJUGEND. It's got that classic rigid and storming quality that many of the German hc/punk bands had in the 80's, with a touch of melody and awesome gruff vocals in German. The crudely drawn black and white cover art is alluring....until you realize that it's just a violent image of a punk cutting off a little girl's arm? Huh? Well, a very nice sounding record anyway. The fast songs are blazing and the slower ones are particularly remarkable. Perfect balance. 
Sorry about the glare on the photos. I'm not taking em again...


  1. Great band, love this guys...

    About Z's posts, maybe someday you should post Zapatilla Rota from Chile, a completely rare stuff (rehearsal).

  2. I've never heard of that, I'll have to search for it! Though i did recently pick up a split tape of two cool Chilean bands from the 90's that I may post sometime.

  3. one of my favorite records from germany....looking at the cover for some reason make me feel weird,since the singer is now in jail for being a child molestor....sick fuck!

  4. yikes! I knew there was something unsettling about the art...

  5. It was the singer of Vorkriegsjugend (Klaus) who got arrested last year in Thailand for molesting kids. Juergen Heiland, the drummer of VKJ, was the singer for ZJ. Bomber, the bass player, was also in both bands.