Saturday, April 20, 2013


I know my last few posts haven't been obscure 90's/80's ex-Soviet or some other "exotic" releases, but I want this blog to encompass more than just that stuff. I promise there is no shortage of that stuff on my shelf, and will continue to unleash them from time to time. I want the contents of this blog to be a well-rounded collection of sounds that represent all of my musical tastes (though I probably won't be posting stuff like THE CURE, BATTALION OF SAINTS, or THE MISFITS, because you shouldn't have too much trouble finding it, or you already know it through and through)

For now, here's a great new dark post punk band from Brasil! I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this of this in my box at MRR a month or so ago (and surely need to thank either Pato or Matteus for this, but don't have either of your contacts!!). Housed in a spooky clear plastic xeroxed fold-over sleeve, this flexi puts Brasil on the dark-punk map! Five tense compositions, accentuated with great gloomy and scratchy guitar slashings, and amazingly awkward vocals. Equal parts UK DECAY and THE MOB. Features at least one member from the blazing Brasilian hc band SPEED KILLS. Drown in the darkness..

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