Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Absolutely brilliant socio-political post-punk from Skopje, Macedonia! I received their new album the other day, along with an info-sheet with their three months of euro tour dates, so I felt compelled to share their last album with you with the hope of helping turn some new ears on to them while they're on the road.. 

I owe my knowledge of this band to my lovely Noelle, who met them during her travels over there. "My Personal Holiday" is their second album, and is a non-stop dynamic, angular dance-a-thon. Expect infectious drumbeats, choppy and catchy bass and guitar lines, and the voice of a phenomenal frontwoman - this thing just keeps moving, as will you if you're not too cool to dance around your bedroom. I really really really wish I was in one of the European cities of their upcoming shows, because I long to see a band like this right now (tired of fake aggression!). Fun fact - one of the folks in this band was in the hardcore band F.P.O., but this is far from that - think more in the vein of GANG OF FOUR or DELTA 5, but a bit more melodic. Oh, and mostly sung in Macedonian, of course. Check out songs from their brand new album here, and check the scan I made of their tour dates at the bottom, and go see them! (and then write me and tell me how they were!)

Note to Sf/Bay Area residents - I saw a copy of this LP at Thrillhouse records for 5 bux the other day. 2 incentives: great cheap import LP, and great record store to support! Go get it!

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