Sunday, April 21, 2013


When I first moved to the Bay Area, my partner Noelle and I were staying in a suburb with her family until we could find an affordable place in the city. We drove into SF everyday to look for jobs, apartments, and a  do a little shopping or get food. One day we split up and I was walking on Valencia St. (a fucking nightmare now) near 20th St. and among the usual sidewalk vendors peddling random second hand wares and crafts, I saw a crate of CD's. I leaned over to have a peek, and it was full of CD's by ESKORBUTO, LA POLLA RECORDS, and some other non punk stuff - what the fuck? The nearest vendor did not appear to be punk, nor did any other on the block. Well, I'm not particularly interested in collecting CD's, so I kinda just let it remain a fun and random story to tell people. A few minutes later I went to get the car and go pick her up - she had wandered into a shoe store right next to where these vendors had been set up, but they had all left for the day - but there was that crate of CD's, the only item left abandoned from the lot! I quickly called her as she was exiting the store -"Hey, grab that crate of CD's on the curb!" 

This is the fourth album from these Basque punks, whose name is slang for "penis." Sixteen tracks of upbeat punk in Spanish with a fun vibe, and a very refined sound. Due to they're charismatic singer, they're sort of comparable to DEAD KENNEDYS , but through a classic Spanish punk filter. They formed in 1979 and existed in some form or another until the last decade, releasing many records as LA POLLA RECORDS, and then dropping "Records" and just becoming LA POLLA in 1992. 

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