Saturday, April 13, 2013

FLIEHENDE STÜRME - Kaleidoskop/Blauer Mond 7"

I love finding a record in its country of origin. There's a neat little record store in the Zorro squat in Leipzig, and I was delighted to find this single along with a few other goodies there.

Fliehende Stürme formed out of the classic German hardcore outfit CHAOS Z, intending to mix dark wave elements in with their style. They've been at it since 1988, released an album back in 2011, and presumably are still playing. This single comes out of the gate with a stabbing synth line that slowly fills out into a full on dark deutschpunk dance-floor hit. On the flip, "Blauer Mond" reminds me of a more punk version of a JOY DIVISION song - droning, and depressing, but it still gets your blood flowing and you can still bob your head to it. This is just a small taste of the massive amount of awesome material FLIEHENDE STÜRME has released over the years, much of which has been repressed, all worth tracking down (though I haven't heard some of the new stuff). Some recommended albums to start with are An Den Ufern, Fallen, and Die Tiere Schweigen. 

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  1. Yeah! endlich finde ich kaleidoskop!
    ich freue mich total das lied wieder zu hören.