Friday, April 19, 2013


I admit I don't know much about this French punk band, but this is a great EP. Apparently they had folks from SHERWOOD, and this record features more than a touch of the more interesting side of the French Oi sound, but executed at a speedier pace. Memorable melodies, catchy choruses, and plenty of fist pumping vocal hooks. This is a total killer! Their following LP from 1987 carries some of the same elements, but enters more into the hardcore/thrash realm. 


  1. fine record here and i'm pretty impressed. Never heard of this band. I don't know if you know it but the recordings are in mono, the same goes for the So Much Hate LP.
    May all of your posts so???? I prefer stereo, you sure too and maybe you can fix it for this EP???
    Thanks in advance!
    b.t.w. cool Blog!

  2. Glad you like the EP! It seems a bit underrated to me.
    the digital transfers may all be in mono because of my setup? No one's ever commented on that before, but you're probably right. I don't have very good equipment, just my stereo hooked up to a cheap laptop! And I use the audacity program to make the files. I'm pretty technologically challenged, but I'll mess around with it when I have time and see if I can figure out how to transfer it in stereo.
    Thanks for pointing it out! And I've been enjoying your blog as well.

    1. you'll see the users don't give a shit, all consumers.haben-haben-haben you know.
      I recommend WaveLab, works fine for me, I use audcity too for a short time but this shit fucked me really up so I threw it away. If you want I can send you the programm, leave me a message,