Sunday, April 28, 2013


TB are one of my all-time favorite live bands - they were one of the distinct joys of my 15 month residence in Los Angeles. They made my hair stand on end, and my blood rush like roaring rapids. You rarely see hardcore bands brimming with such energy and honesty, while coming off totally unpretentious and real. Chances are many of you picked this up back when they were hot, but don't we all need a refresher sometimes? Perfectly executed and original-sounding hardcore punk compositions, vitriolic female screams calling out all of our oppressors, a surging bouncy beat that was always ideal for the dancing "ponks"...their sound always brought SVART FRAMTID to mind, amazingly, if they were from LA and had a woman singing. They were that good, and only did this tape and a 7", and I used to want them to do a full length SO bad. But upon reconsideration, I have my memories and vivid recollections of being moved by their live shows, and I think that will suffice.

I should mention that TB members are still active in the LA punk scene doing great bands (DRAPETOMANIA and SADICOS to name a couple), hosting shows/benefits/events, releasing on their label Silenzio Statico, and who knows what else - I suck at staying in contact with old friends. But I still see them every few months, and they always report that they've got something exciting and new in the tubes.

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