Monday, April 8, 2013

KBO! - 1988 Self-Released Cassette

Back to former Yugoslavia today, Serbia to be exact - I give you a fun tape from KBO! Following a split with INCEST, a tape called "Tama," and a live tape, this appears to be their fourth release. The opener is a goofy cover of Bob Dylan's "Forever Young," and maybe would have been better situated as a closer or buried at the end of side A. If you can hang through it (or just skip to track 2), you will be immediately rewarded with some fast, raw punk with simple but memorable guitar lines and choruses. The songs are consistently catchy and straight-forward punk, with some variety in the form of a couple instrumentals (2 of which are great!), and a nice ballad thrown in. I want to compare them to QUOD MASSACRE from Ljublanja, since they both have that upbeat melodic 80's thing going on, but KBO! is maybe a little less aggressive. Great stuff, and I would love to track down their other cassettes and LP's!

There seems to be an extra track that's not on the track list, followed by a segment of recorded American pop radio that I decided to include for the sake of completeness - and just cuz it gave me a nostalgic feeling. I did however remove the segment of Bowie's "Heroes" from the end of side A because you can all find that elsewhere...

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