Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SVART FRAMTID - Blitz, Oslo 12/23/1984

My parents just came to visit me this past weekend for the first time since I moved out to the Bay Area. I moved out here during the summer of 2011 in my Chevy Cavalier (RIP) with all of the belongings I could fit! Everything else was living in my parent's house in Dallas for the past 2 years, and they just delivered it all this weekend! It's exciting - like getting a bunch of new stuff that you know you already like all at once. Among the loot was 2 boxes of LP's, a bag of punk shirts, my old bass guitar, a stack of screened posters, my drum-set, and some cd's. While flipping through a bunch of cdr's, I found a few that an old pal from Chicago had burned me after we discovered a mutual love for Norwegian hardcore. He had been writing with someone that was involved in the scene in Norway in the 80's (maybe someone from a band? can't remember), and had acquired some amazing and rare live sets from SVART FRAMTID and KAFKA PROSESS. This particular recording appears to have been released as a tape back in '84. Seventeen tracks - all the hits from their EP (one of the top 5 hc/punk EPs of all time y'all, seriously), some others heard from compilation tapes, and then some unheard anywhere else! Oh, and a sloppy cover of "Dicks Hate The Police!" 


  1. Hi, I've noticed your penchant for 80s Norweigan HC. Wondering if you have any Skjit-Lars material? I believe he only had one official release back in the 80s and it is a live tape but the track on 'Welcome to 1984' and another unknown? tape comp I have features 2 tracks that are definitely studio recordings. I've noticed some reissues in recent years but by the time I found out about them they were sold out. I need some Skjit-Lars in my life seeing as it is absolutely psychotic.

  2. Hey,
    I've only heard the track on the Welcome to 1984 comp, and though it never really grabbed me, my penchant for Norwegian hardcore has definitely kept me interested in hearing more Skjit-lars. The only other thing I know of is that one-sided 12" "The Last Shit." Sorry I can't be of any help but if I ever get my hands on it I'll certainly share it here!

  3. That other studio track you're thinking of is on youtube. and yes, it's a ripper.