Friday, September 27, 2013

POLISKITZO - Poliskitzofrenia Tape

I just saw these LA maniacs a couple weeks ago when they played with LAS OTRAS here in SF. Seeing them play to a room of rowdy supporters 7 hours away from their home was extra exciting to me, because I used to go see em play backyards and other spur of the moment DIY venues on their home turf where they always got the crowd moving. This is their third cassette (there's also one 7") and it continues on the path of bouncy and catchy-as-hell punk with no boundaries. Ska parts, thrash parts, fast parts, melodic parts, slow parts - all of it works like magic. There is a fun and cool spirit to bands like this that can't be replicated. It just has to be real. Gabriel's soulful crooning and blazing riffs teamed up with Eddie's signature snappy drumming set this band leagues ahead of any hyped-up genera-bands. Take any opportunity you get to catch this band live (or just go to LA) and download this fucking cassette now!

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