Monday, September 2, 2013

OSTROV P - Neverte EP

Great hardcore from this Slovakian band. Don't really know anything about em, but I bet my Slovakian buddy Miso over at Muzika Komunika could school us. Fast and pummeling hardcore punk with strongly hollered vocals and rapid bass picking.  "Beznadej" breaks up the flow with it's mid-tempo and jagged rhythms, making it the catchiest of the bunch. An EP that's likely considered classic in the region it came from, and deserves the attention of any hc punk fiend. First release on the long-running Czech label Insane Society Records


  1. OSTROV P were Slovakian HC/punk band from Topoľčany town used to play in the years 1989 - 1998. Then they were splitted-up. "Neverte" EP was their only vinyl release.After ´98 singer Božena started new band ILEGLITY, they are play in a similar fast punk style and they are still active.
    Short info about other releses of OSTROV P here:

  2. awesome shit i havent heard this in like forever. mucho gracias Neverte politickym stranama is my jam.

  3. Hi, For those who may be interested in this vinyl, I still get few copies on stock. Check at‎
    Cheers, Eric