Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CRIMEN - Demo 2008

I toured Mexico in 2008 and CRIMEN was one of the true highlights of the whole trip. Hailing from Mexico City, CRIMEN spews forth an edgy and fiery form of punk with a touch of melody and darkness. Sometimes thrashy, sometimes brooding, mostly in between, but always super catchy. Most of these tracks ended up being rerecorded for their following 12" and 7" releases, but it all began with this CD-R. The band I was playing in at the time did the same DISCHARGE cover as CRIMEN, so we decided the most fun thing to do was lend our vocalist to their 3-piece lineup to execute the cover for the night. I believe the other local band that night was ANTIMASTER...


  1. hey matt!! ths is alex, "el tio" bass player in crimen (and during that year antimaster as well, haha) im a follower of your blog and i've been meaning to write you, this is really cool man, thanks! i was gonna write you to let you know we are recording a new Lp and hopefully playing the west coast next year, i looove the new flesh by the way, so i hope we meet again soon! =D

  2. Hey Alex!
    Good to hear from you and so impressed you guys have remained a band all this time. It's not too common these days! Will you be coming with Diego? I saw him recently when he was driving Sudor/Kuraka. Hope to see you next year, can't wait to hear the new stuff!