Monday, September 9, 2013


I couldn't let my mention of CAPTAIN NOT RESPONSIBLE in the last post pass by without spinning their lovely single, and I got so giddy that I decided to share it with the rest of y'all as well! So what we have here is a massive supergroup of Norwegian hardcore folks laying out 2 perfect punk tunes with astonishing guitar riffs. CNR was two brothers from BARN AV REGNBUEN and LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT?, the drummer from LBHTLI?, and guitar hero Børre Løvik of BANNLYST/STENGTE DORER/SO MUCH HATE fame. Wow, right? Oh, and of course Tor Idar later went on to sing in 2:20. "Self Pity" is the obvious winner on here - some of the best riffing to ever be heard on a punk record. There's such a unique and driving quality to this band's sound that really can't do justice with words, so you should just proceed to the download and listen repeatedly. I'm thinking I'll be posting more Norwegian stuff this week so check back if you're into that sort of thing....


  1. two of my favorite guitar players in one band / on one stage?! my mind was blown!