Monday, November 25, 2013


This is quite a collection of punk, hardcore, noise, experimental, and thrash from all over the ex-Soviet Union: Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, and Armenia are all represented here. Lovingly compiled and duplicated by a fine punk in Latvia, this tape exhibits an impressive selection of unknown bands, only two of which I'd heard of previously (A.INVAZIJA and TURBO REANMACIJA). Once I decided to sit down and commit to getting through the whole thing, it was an enlightening and enjoyable journey. If you've got patience, an open mind, and a passion for purely raw and obscure punk, this tape is a fucking goldmine. 

Also worth noting- I accidentally ripped side B first, so the file begins with the right column on the tracklist above. All titles in the Cyrillic alphabet have been just labeled as "Cyrillic" in the file becasue I simply do not know how to type it. 

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