Thursday, November 14, 2013

V/A - Russian Punk

This one's shrouded in mystery due to lack of a track listing, but aside from a couple stinkers there's some cool stuff on here. It was among a ton of other ex-Soviet era punk tapes I bought off an old tape trader who needed to make some space. One funny thing is, nearly every track on here sounds like it has electronic drums! Most of it is on the faster and more hardcore, or sometimes metallic side of the spectrum. For the ambitious downloader...


  1. Thanks! Now check this goody out:
    Groteska Taskar / Fiasko – Demo (1984)

  2. nice post once again you cant go wrong with russian punk. thanks mike for the link. $3200 for the bad brains pay to cum ep $4350 for the necros. holy shit i have those they will now be locked up in a safe somewhere.

  3. The name of this tape is "Russian Punk Cannonade #1" (Российский-Punk-Обстрел/release/5682387).