Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MIDNIGHT Demo 2002

No, not the gimmicky and predictable metal-punk band from Cleveland. This is the bleak, heavy, and powerful hardcore band (with a shot '00s crust) from Portland Oregon. While many bands of this style or simply bands from PDX got plenty of attention throughout the last decade, this one somehow got overlooked. Perhaps because of the format? Or maybe they were short lived and didn't play out much? Well I assure you this is top notch punk from an all star cast of folks from bands like FROM ASHES RISE, LEBENDEN TOTEN, HELLSHOCK, LIMPWRIST, and FUNERAL. "Life Enhanced" stands out to me on here as the leading track, despite it's not-so-straight-forward rhythms, which I usually avert from. The other four songs gallop at a faster pace and feature stellar riffs, as well as the appropriate weaving of guitar melodies. Brie's vocals are desperate and massively angry sounding. A demo not to be forgotten..

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