Friday, November 22, 2013

V/A - GBG Hardcore - 81 Punk 85 CD

A phenomenal document of 14 hardcore/punk bands from the early 80's in Göteborg, Sweden. Apparently this came with a zine, which I unfortunately do not have but would love to see. Many of the recordings seem to be alternate demo or live versions, or simply from rare records such as the ABSURD EP. Styles range from the familiar classic Swedish d-beat hardcore masters ANTI CIMEX and DISARM, to the catchy and upbeat sing-along punk of BUMSEN MUSS MAN and GBG PUNX. Particularly compelling to me are: 

1. the seemingly live DISARM tracks (it takes a few seconds for the person at the mixing board to get the levels right, but once they do it's devastating! Those vocals!). 2. The single track by INJEKTION is insanely catchy, but I mostly love it for the maniacal laughter at the end. 3. Three perfect crude blasts from youngsters NISSES NOTTER, especially the burp that kicks off "Pissefjong." 4. The tuneful TROUBLMAKERS tracks with undeniable swagger and unforgettable choruses! 
An overall essential collection!


  1. This is a great CD that actually introduced me to some bands. The Troublemakers "Staden Goteborg" became a mix tape staple for me. There's a cool collection LP on Hoehnie records with more recent ('90s) recordings that is worth picking up. There was also a triple CD set of Swedish HC from the same label that has a lot of rare and unrel. material.

  2. I'm not sure why the link wasn't working, so I just created a new one