Tuesday, November 5, 2013

PARAF - Izleti LP

I don't share much post punk or new wave stuff on here, so you may not know of my affinity with such sounds. PARAF's second album is a big departure from their preceding single and album of raw catchy '77 style punk, but it's no less amazing. Here they've added a strong woman vocalist and switched their sound to more darkwave/post punk, complete with vibrant keyboard lines. They are considered one of Croatia's classic punk bands, so if you haven't heard them and don't mind starting with the dark post-punk/wave material, this one's the best! Also, if anyone has a copy of the Fini Dečko / Tužne Uši single for fair  price/trade, I'm in need of the vinyl only - I have a sleeve and a cracked disc! 

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