Thursday, November 28, 2013

NO SIDE - Depressing Day EP (and fuck Thanksgiving!)

First thing's first: it's Thanksgiving, so fuck colonialism, blind tradition, Black Friday/Thursday mass-marketing capitalist distractions, and perverted mass-murder of animals for human consumption. Take a moment out of your day to try to identify all oppressors and the oppressed linked to national holidays like today. This hasn't typically been a political blog per se, but when I look out my window on holidays and notice how different the streets look than a normal day, I can't help but ponder over the whole thing and analyze its essence. As my very brilliant girlfriend would say, "I'm on one" today....

On to the noise! I mean music...This one's a tiny bit noisy in the guitar department, but it's the catchy and driving hardcore sound that hooks me on this EP. I'm assuming that NO SIDE is named after the essential LP by country-mates THE COMES, and they wear the name well. Possibly passed over by the hordes of punkers seeking out clones of the FRAMTID/CONFUSE/DISCLOSE ilk, this is a perfect Japanese hardcore EP and you should abandon whatever bullshit Thanksgiving nonsense you're doing at the moment and crank this fucker. 

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