Saturday, June 8, 2013

V/A - PUNK TERRITORY VOL. 4: Italian Hardcore 1981-87

For you to obsess over throughout the course of your weekend: 33 tracks of full throttle hardcore from Italy! I love this CD because it offers some of the less celebrated names of the era, mostly from rare cassettes, and it still delivers the goods as much as a comp with WRETCHED, NEGAZIONE, CCM, and PEGGIO PUNX would. Here's the run down:

5 tracks by THE WOPS - USHC style reminding me of something like THE FIX // four tracks by WRONG BOYS - the first song is a dead rip-off of TSOL's "Superficial Love" in riffs and arrangement, while the other 3 are fast and punchy hc tunes // BLAXFEMA shreds through 3 thrashier hc tracks // 3 fast SoCal punk sounding tunes from CRAPPING DOGS, channeling DEAD KENNEDYS at times // One melodic upbeat oi/punk track from THE SKULLS // 6 catchy punk tracks by TRAUMATIC, taken from the Senza Tregua comp on BCT // 2 raw and hook-filled punk songs from WARHEAD // 3 punk tracks with a wild and expressive vocalist from DICTATRISTA // 2 rambunctious tracks from STAZIONE SUICIDA // finally, 5 more melodic and post-hardcore sounding songs from U.N.S - sort of a cross between HDQ and HEIMAT-LOS...or something...definitely the odd one of the bunch. 

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