Monday, June 3, 2013

BETON COMBO - Perfektion Ist Sache Der Götter LP

Essential German punk LP! Upbeat, hook-laden, driving stuff from West Berlin, 1981. Most songs are driving political punk tunes, but there are a couple slower and more dynamic tracks on here, and they break the mold with a few unconventional moments - most notably in the epic "Der Längste Ritt." They went on to release a more hardcore sounding EP called "Sound Ltd." in 1983, and a cool mini LP in 1985 called "23 Skiddoo." Perfect for the spot between TOXOPLASMA and SLIME on your next mix tape! 


  1. Another great one! you have good taste :)
    Anyway, my two favorite Deutsch post-punkish records:

    Fehlfarben - Monarkie und Alltag LP
    Razzia - Ausflug Mit Franziska LP

    Both have fantastic lyrics (if you know some German) and music. Be sure to check out stuff like Vorkriegsjugend, Crapscrapers, Chaos Z, Middle Class Fantasies (some of my favorite nihilistic yet intelligent punk lyrics), Scapegoats, Boskops, etc. if you like German punk. I think it's really underrated stuff.

  2. Hello from Greece and Ten Thousand Eyes. I bought this album about a year ago and I meant to post it sometime, but you posted it first. No matter who posts it and gives it to the world, the goal is the same - to spread the good music around. This LP is one of my favourite German punk/post punk album along with Abwarts' Amok-Koma.
    By the way you've got a very interesting blog, full of unknown and obscure stuff.
    Keep on posting great music.

    -The Psychopomp