Monday, June 24, 2013


MOTORBREATH didn't do anything groundbreaking or new. They didn't come from ex-Soviet Russia, South America, or Southeast Asia, but from a land with a bountiful history of raging hardcore and punk bands. The artwork isn't eye-catching or memorable. It's boring. So why would I post this EP, you ask? Because it rips so hard that all of the aforementioned generic qualities are blurred out in a ruckus frenzy of relentless hardcore! Yes, the obvious comparisons are undeniable, but this band was cranking out searing MOTORHEAD-fueled hardcore before the dubious trends, and with a much greater ferocity than most of em do these days. The urgency in the drumming and vocals give this EP the extra push, accomplishing an effect of complete panic similar to bands like SKITKIDS. If you only bother to enjoy the very best or stand-out examples of this style, you really ought to check this one out! I wouldn't waste your time, and couldn't pass the chance to share it! 

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  1. Fuck!! That EP was very difficult to ge it and it was very rare.
    Cheers from Mexico