Monday, June 10, 2013


So, a classic piece of Norwegian hardcore/punk here. I have to confess: this is a copied version of the comp that I bought off of a distro many years ago, so the sound quality reflects that fact. But tell me- what other blogs have this compilation available for download? Right, so for those who haven't head it and are as obsessed with Norwegian hardcore as I once was (and I guess technically still am), here's an opportunity to hear it! I mean, 3 exclusive SVART FRAMTID tracks!!?? Yeah, the tape quality is shit, but you have to hear them. One of my all time favorite bands form any region and era. Demo tracks from the mighty BANNLYST (their demo to be posted eventually, I have a decent bootleg tape), stuff from known bands like AKUTT INNLEGGELSE, ANGOR WAT, and SISTE DAGERS HELVETE, and some "shit-fi" quality stuff for lesser known bands like PSYKISK TERROR (BANNLYST folks), GONOREAGAN, NSG, AQUA VELVA, etc. 
So in summary, "sorry" to those who prefer top quality, and "your welcome" to those who have been searching for this rare tape. 


  1. duder...where did you get this? do you tape trade? i have quite a list if your interested.

  2. I honestly can't recall the name of the was based in the US and had tons of old tapes, demos, live/rehearsal recordings, and vhs tapes.
    I'm actually not so much interested in tape trading these days (aside from swapping mix tapes with friends of course!). I'm already a record collector, and more and more of this obscure international stuff finds its way onto the internet now, so I'm happy to have rare tape-only releases in mp3 format to leave space on my shelf for newer releases.