Monday, June 17, 2013

V/A - Nå Eller Aldri EP (Norway)

I <3 <3 <3 Norwegian hardcore!!
Ote Kippersund and Gunnar Nuven's (singer of FEBER, SVART FRAMTID, SO MUCH HATE, KAFKA PROSESS) X-Port Platter label was without a doubt one of the best European punk labels in the 1980's. Based in Oslo, the X-port roster consisted of a who's-who of the exciting Norwegian hardcore scene from 1984-1989. This compilation is a brilliant display of the distinctly intense + passionate hardcore style coming out of Norway at the time. Ripping exclusive (at the time) tunes from BANNLYST (best track!), PSYKISK TERROR (BANNLYST members), KAFKA PROSESS (legendary!), SISTE DAGERS HELVETE, ANGKOR WAT (more "anarcho" punk styled), LANDSSVIK, and AKUTT INNLEGGELSE (pre TURBONEGRO, HA!). All X-port EP's were housed in awesome oversized poster-foldout covers with great art and layouts! I tried to take a decent picture of the poster...

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