Saturday, June 15, 2013

SKITKIDS - Skitfucked By The State 12"

Unless you were hiding under a rock in the first decade of the 2000's, you should already know that SKITKIDS were one of the best punk bands in the world. Both 12"s, split 7"s with NIGHTMARE and EXHALE, and the Välkomna Till Paradiset EP are all essential Swedish hardcore masterpieces, and those of us who caught them live will never forget those experiences. Pummeling d-beat drums, TOTALITAR-esque riffs, searing leads, and completely mental uni-brow monkey-man vocals all carved SKITKIDS a place in all-time hardcore punk hall of fame. Socially conscious lyrics blended with ridiculous cartoonish record art and a maniacal party vibe also set them apart from the rest. Today I present you with their 2002 demo, pressed to vinyl in 2003 by the Danish label Plague Bearer. Though the production and overall intensity was lower here, these songs contain the same caliber of appeal and hooks that all their subsequent releases did. 

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