Friday, May 17, 2013

STIGMATHE - Lo Sguardo Dei Morti EP

I just heard a cool STIGMATHE reissue the other day, so I got inspired to post their second EP. This is definitely one of my favorite hardcore EP's from Europe in the 80's! On the two faster songs they captured such a primal sound, decorated with awesome dark guitar leads and urgent yells, and rooted by punchy bass and drumming. Even the reggae song on the B side is amazing - not the case with many failed attempts by other hardcore bands of the time! Check out their first EP here, and the reissue, which contains both EP's, comp tracks, and some rare live and rehearsal room stuff! The guitarist went on to play in a goth band called THELEMA, that apparently still plays. 


  1. I always thought this band's cover art was cooler than the actual music - the reggae tracks are weak, while the punk tracks pale in comparison to other dark Italian bands of the time like Nerorgasmo and Underage. I love the artwork!

  2. A close friend of mine actually hand screened me a t-shirt with the cover-art from this EP - great art indeed! You sure about the music? Maybe crank the track "Lo sguardo dei morti" one more time? Though you're not the first person I've ever heard make that conclusion about the band...