Sunday, May 12, 2013

PYLON - Cool/Dub

I was skimming the dates under the "labels" list over on the right hand side of my blog there, and noticed that there were a few years missing from the list. So I selected today's post with the sole purpose of creating a "1979" label. Pretty neurotic huh?

Ok, it's not the only reason. A better reason would be that the debut single from this Athens (Georgia, not Greece) post punk band is infectious and amazing! "Dub" is a great repetitive but swelling and angular answer to GANG OF FOUR, and the like. The flip is the more appealing track to me, and it's made many of my mix tapes in past years. Featuring some similar characteristics as the A side, "Cool" further incorporates the classic punk (well, rock or pop too I guess...but this is a punk blog) "verse-chorus-verse-chorus" structure, and highly memorable and catchy one's at that. Such a strong post punk classic from such an odd location. From the same scene as the B-52's! 

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