Saturday, May 4, 2013

FUN PEOPLE - Angustia, No, No. 10"

First 10" post on Music Not Noize! Also maybe the closest to "pop-punk," though this particular record has more than it's fair share of aggressiveness and hardcore elements. If you're lucky, you've seen the latest incarnation of this project in the form of BOOM BOOM KID (maybe just the singer Nekro's brainchild?). Anyhow, the similarities between FUN PEOPLE and BB KID are obvious, leading me to believe that their vibrant and spastic frontman is responsible for much of the songwriting. The style from this Argentinian powerhouse is melodic and ferocious, and the vocalist has an incredible voice. He can really sing - and incorporate a totally unique pop sensibility into the tunes without causing them to lose any steam. Amazing record! And if BOOM BOOM KID are coming to your town, you HAVE to see them - I guarantee they will be one of the best live bands you'll ever see, and everyone in the room will have big stupid smiles on their faces the whole time. 

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