Saturday, May 25, 2013

PIOGGIA NERA - Teatri Di Menzogne LP

Today's post is inspired by a comment left recently on the STIGMATHE post I did the past week. Though I have to disagree with the guest's opinion that the music on the disc is boring, I will agree with their suggestion that NERORGASMO was a band that was pretty hard to top. Their elusive EP from 1985 has remained out of my reach for years, but luckily F.O.A.D. records is releasing a long-awaited and seemingly deluxe/thorough discography of NERORGASMO's material. It looks like it will be one of those reissues that will qualify as a substantial substitute for original pressings. Can't wait! 

Anyhow, this LP by Italy's PIOGGIA NERA is obviously cut from the same cloth as those old dark Italian punk/hardcore bands, especially NERORGASMO. The result is thrillingly evil punk with simple instrumentation and arrangements - mostly dirgey, but boiling over into a gallop from time to time. Vocals range from gravelly-punk style to a near death-metal style, but is always wild and theatrical in nature. A fucking amazing LP that holds up still 7 years later.


  1. Gostei muito do seu blog... Estou enviando link para você postar algo da minha banda aqui... Se você puder fazer isso agradecemos muito!!!


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  2. Another of the best 2000 - can still find this around pretty cheap, too.