Sunday, October 13, 2013

KOLOKOL - Both 7"s

I've decided to do a sort of double feature today - both because I haven't posted anything in almost a week, and it just makes sense to post them together seeing as how one 7" is a one-sided record. KOLOKOL was from Norway and active throughout most of the first decade of the '00s. At the time of the release of "Tilbake Til Start" I was heavily into Norwegian punk bands like SO MUCH HATE, as well as similar European stuff like UPRIGHT CITIZENS, JUGGLING JUGULARS, LA FRACTION, etc. So this EP grabbed me by the throat and has managed to keep its grip to this day! Ripping fast drumming with glorious melodic guitar riffs, but with mid-paced moments tempered in to distinguish all the elements. The vocals are high pitched and expressive much in the style of Gunnar Nuven of SVART FRAMTID/SO MUCH HATE/KAFKA PROSESS fame. Their recordings are consistently warm and wet sounding, but with a rare burning intensity. KOLOKOL's style is really just more contemporary version of these classic Norwegian hardcore sounds. 

The second EP, "Grundrisse," is a one-sided 7" with a large label featuring an Oscar Wilde quote on the grooveless side. It's a beautiful record that makes up for the lack of playing time in it's generously laid out 16 page booklet and poster oozing with anarchist ideas and quotes from the likes of Emma Goldman, Bakunin, Elie Wiesel, Marx, and more, all creating a sturdy aesthetic that most releases never come close to. The tracks on here are fierce and tight, the best they ever did in my opinion. I'm a firm advocate of a record with a substantial amount of playing time, where you feel like you're getting your money's worth, but this one is the exception to the rule because it emanates a strong passion. Both of these EPs can be found easily in dollar bins and distro leftovers all across the world (well, the parts I've visited), so I strongly urge you to pick em up when you see em. 

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