Monday, October 7, 2013


Here's a great tape from a new Swedish band. DATA CONTROL wastes no time getting to the hook in each song and then moving on to the next before ever becoming self-indulgent or monotonous. Melodic while still raging, but with an acute sense of catchy vocal parts and rhythmic hooks - think REGULATIONS + TOTAL CONTROL + HJERTESTOP! I live for well crafted punk songs, and I gotta say that DATA CONTROL has made one of the most memorable tapes I've heard in a long time! Apparently they have a very limited 7" including some tracks from this tape. 


  1. Hello, I appreciate this album. I had time searching without success. I also own a website where underground rock distributed (Post Punk, Batcave, New Wave, Experimental, Gothic Rock, etc). I've linked to my site and I hope you can integrate into your list of blogs:

    Thank you very much and good day.

  2. Thanks! Anyone into old (pre-1989) mostly Swedish punk/hardcore should check out:
    they also have a great tape and demo section for download!