Friday, July 5, 2013

SIDE BURNS - All Skinhead Cons

Here's a great random find plucked out of a daunting and unorganized bin of 7"s at Rockaway Records in LA back when I lived there. I mean, look at the cover...if you were digging through hundreds on non-punk records and came across this, you would pick it up for 99 cents just to see what it's like, right? You wouldn't? Okay, I don't blame you, but I had to leave the store with something, and as it turned out, this single is fucking great. Two strong, insanely catchy, gruff and melodic Japanese punk songs. I never would have even thought of any Oi/Skin connection based on the sound - but the art and photos say it all. "Mad Chess Play The Fasten Ghost" ??? Puzzling, but soooooo good

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