Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Адаптация ‎– За Измену Родине Cassette

Incredible and impassioned punk rock from Kazakhstan. I posted another cassette by Адаптация (Adaptation) a couple months ago, but this one is superior.  За Измену Родине has some of the same dark and melancholic elements as Джут, but with more straightforward and driving rhythms and basic song ideas. Every song contains the key elements: a gloriously mournful chord progression, a heart-wrenching guitar lead, and a beautifully fervent vocal delivery in Russian. A soundtrack to both move to and feel moved by, and comes with my highest recommendation. If anyone has more material by ADAPTATION, please don't hesitate to send it over! 

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  1. great blog - have you heard Empty Conversations & Zhulong from Kazakhstan too? Bit crustier, excellent stuff too.

    http://emptyconversations.bandcamp.com - best band I've heard from there

    While Adaotatsia/ Adaptation did a split LP with Bishara Balder too.
    Info: http://www.discogs.com/Adaptatsia-Bishara-Baldar-Punk-Rock-Du-Kazakhstan/release/1836972
    Link should work: http://russrock.ru/music/1963-adaptacija-punk-rock-du-kazakhstan.html