Thursday, July 25, 2013

Σάρκα ‎– Εσωτερικότητα Στο Άγριο Έξω 12"

I'm back! Had a blast playing shows from Tijuana all the way up to Vancouver. All around success aside from the stubborn border pigs who tried to keep us out of Canada, but to no avail. Fuck the pigs, up the punx...

So, with my return I bring you a gem from the southernmost Greek island of Crete. SARKA formed in Heraklion in '89 and to this day was one of the only punk-ish bands from the island. I was given this 12" as a gift by my gracious host Nikolas at the end of my 3-day stay in Heraklion last year. He explained to me that a box of these turned up a couple years ago (it was released in 1993), mostly without covers, and that he had managed to track down a band member to get permission to help distribute them. The 12" is comprised of six hypnotizing and dark punk songs with vocals of the melancholic and desperate variety, memorizing basslines, and noise-rock styled guitars filling in all the empty space. A truly unique punk record from a truly isolated place. If you ever get a chance to visit Crete, I suggest spending a couple days in the old and seemingly lawless towns of Heraklion and Hania, and renting a car or motorbike to travel south though small villages and find free camping on the beaches, far from the touristic-beaten path. Oh and Nikolas, I know you prefer to remain off the radar, but I never got to thank you and would love to hear from you....

Heraklion, Crete


  1. Thanks for comment in my blog, now i know yours and seriously: all people should know this site!. Alot of lesser known punk stuff! so amazing.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words - I've enjoyed yours in the past as well!

  3. I am completely blown away by your ability to unearth these punk masterpieces. This is what a punk blog should be.