Friday, February 27, 2015

6000 CRAZY / DETESTATION - You Can't Evict The Spirit split Tape

Here's for all the other Norwegian hardcore completists out there. 6000 CRAZY was a German hardcore band in the 90s fronted by Norwegian punk forefather Gunnar Nuven. Their only other release, as far as I can tell, was the split 7" with ANKER that I posted a while back. I'm not really sure what sort of pedigree exists with other members in the band, but the guitar playing and songwriting is unmistakably heavily influenced by Norwegian bands like SO MUCH HATE, BANNLYST, etc. On here they do covers of NEGATIVE APPROACH and KAFKA PROSESS, as well as a track called "Andre Veiar" that I recognize but can't place where I've heard it. Most of you probably know DETESTATION, as they released a slew of records and toured extensively in the 90s. Released by Trujaca Fala, this tape was released as a benefit for the long-standing Berlin squat KOPI (a friend just reminded me that this year is KOPI's 25th anniversary!) Both live sets were recorded in German cities in 1998, and the sound quality is pretty great! 

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  1. thanks alot mate! Finally i'm gonna listen 6000 Crazy, I've heard good things about them.