Monday, March 2, 2015

V/A - Belgrade X · 0 · 19 Tape

Awesome compilation of punk and hardcore from Belgrade circa 1986. 10 bands, 26 tracks. A few of these bands never officially released anything and only appeared on other compilations. Others only are featured here on this tape, as far as I can tell. Rather than typing out a detailed account of all the bands, just download and set aside an hour to get down with some rare, crude ex-Yugo punk excellence. Bands are: FORWARD TO THE PAST (NAPRED U PROSLOST), THRASHAGAIN, CODEX O.D., TOTAL DESTRUCTION, CRIST, K.Z.V., LESSON, N.B.G., WHITE RABBIT BAND, D.L.H.


  1. I love this kind of tape comps, so raw, primitive and diy.

  2. holy words, toxic... :)