Saturday, May 23, 2015

V/A - RAPTUS Compilation LP

A good mix of rough and primitive punk and oi from Italy circa '83. Some of it is a bit unimaginitive, but the spirit is in the sound. Stand-out material on here for me are the fast and early USHC inspired WOPS tracks, the groovy 77 punk by PETROLIO, and of course the early RAW POWER recordings. I'm pretty sure most of the material here was not officially released elsewhere, so listen and learn!

ps - I've been after a copy of Raptus vol 2 for quite some time. I'm happy to pay a reasonable price if anyone out there is selling one!


  1. look here for raptus vol 2
    Rap2.rar (51.95MB)


  2. sorry, but the first file had bad tracks.
    that's why here onother one:
    Rap2.rar (27.26MB) ...