Friday, September 8, 2017

Trade/Want Lists

As you may have guessed by the lack of posts, I've totally lost motivation to do this blog. Since I've done a few record trades recently I realized I needed to compose an active trade and want list to present when asked, so here it is. I've got plenty of other stuff I could trade for the right record/s so if you've got something on my want list feel free to make other proposals!


All are original pressings unless otherwise noted. Can provide photos or answer any questions. 

Ataque Frontal - 7" w/insert vg+/vg (pronounced creasing on cover, especially top left)

Bap!! - ...Bidehuts eta Etxehuts LP w/booklet vg/vg (conservatively graded)
Bastards - Järjetön Maailma (Insane World) LP vg+/g+ (notable wear around edges and "PETER" written in red marker upper left of cover) 
Blitzkrieg Ohne Zukunft 7" vg+/vg- (yellowing, ringwear, split on leftside)
Blitzkrieg Bop - Let's Go 7" vg+/vg (initials written on A side label)
Bodysnatchers - 7" vg+/vg (TX punk from '78, ring impression on rear of sleeve)
Chaos Tribal Warfare 7" vg/vg- (Pogar '84, thin paper sleeve has  various wear but fully intact)
Cruel Maniax/No Security - split 7" vg+/vg- (sleeve is wrinkly/skull with top-hat version)
The Death Army - Tourist Attraction/Storm Trooper nm/vg (yellowing and pronounced wear across top of sleeve)
Defects - 3 Track EP vg/vg (general wear on sleeve)
Degenerates - 7" vg+/vg w/insert (some yellowing around edges of sleeve, a few stains)
Deprogrammer - Disclipline 7" vg+ (never issued in sleeve)
5° Braccio / Disper-Azione - split boot LP vg+/vg+
Fuck-ups - FU82 7" vg+/vg+ (second press)
GRB - Estoy Tan Contento! 7" w/insert vg+/vg+ (sleeve coming unglued)
Impact - Punk Christmas 7" vg+/vg (sleeve very close to vg+, just slightly too dingy)
Jerry's Kidz - Marionetts 7" vg+/vg+ (from the Bruce Rohers collection)
Junior Executives - Capital Gain$ Tax Increase Blues 7" nm/vg (creasing/light staining on sleeve)
Kobra -  Corri Nel Sangue Dei Tuoi Nemici 7" vg+/vg
The Martyrs - Pig Pen Victim/Social Sacrifice 7" vg+/vg- (staining and creasing on sleeve, as well as two seam splits. from Bruce Roehrs collection, and first appearance by Pat Smear!)
Mobs - Projection of Astral Body 7" nm/vg+ (first Noise Room Records press)
Prevaricators - No Kidding EP  vg+/vg+
Protagonists - Hard on Me 7" nm/vg+
Protes Bengt In Bengt We Trust 32 song EP nm/nm
Really Red - New Strings For Old Puppets 7" nm/vg+
The Rejected - First Offence EP w/insert nm/nm
Repercussions - No Peace 7" test press nm/nm
Rise - Tuff Town Tour 81-82 7" nm/g (lots of wear on cover including abrasions and some holes, but totally intact)
Rosemary's Babies - Blood Lust 7" vg+/vg+ /insert 
Rövsvett Jesus Var en Tomte 7" vg+/vg+ w/insert (1 and 2 written on white labels/ "85 zl" written small in pencil inside sleeve)
Screaming Foetus - Protest From the Womb 7" nm/vg (yellowing and "flip wear" across top of sleeve)
The Sinyx - The Black Death EP vg/g (sleeve is pretty beat but folds out okay)
The Standbys - EP 7" w/insert nm/vg (ring wear and small tear on top left of sleeve)
V/A - :30 Over DC - Here comes the New Wave LP vg+/vg+ (supposed 3rd pressing on black vinyl)
Violent Children - s/t 7" w/insert nm/vg+
Youth of Today - Can't Close My Eyes EP 7" nm/vg+ w/insert (near-perfect copy of first press with red letters on cover)
ZZZ Hacker - Kind, Sieh Da Nicht Hin! 7" vg+/vg (#00227 / address on bottom right of rear corner altered)


Originals only. Tops wants highlighted. Want VG+ or better and including inserts in most cases, but VG will be fine in some cases.


5051 7"
Agent Orange - Bloodstains (1st or 2nd press)
Articles of Faith - What We Want is Free 7" (first press white sleeve)
Avengers - We Are the One 7" (crucifix sleeve)
Bad Brains - Pay To Cum (1st or 2nd press)
Bad Religion - first 7"
Big Boys - Frat Cars 7"
The Child Molesters - Wholesale Murder 7"
Chronic Sick - Cutest Band in Hardcore 12“
CIA - God Guts Guns 7"
Cowboys - Supermarket / Teenage Life 7"
Deep Wound - 7"
Destry Hampton & The Wolves From Hell - Angel Of Madness 7"
Dicks - Hate the Police 7"
Die Kreuzen - Cows and
Dogs - Slash Your Face 7"
E-13 - No Mercy For Swine 7"
Fear - I Love Livin in the City 7"
The Fix - Vengeance 7"
The Fix - Jan's Rooms 7" 
Funeral - Waiting for the Bomb Blast 7"
Germs - Lexicon Devil 7"
Geza X - We need More Power 7"
GG Allin - Gimme Some Head/Dead or Alive
GG Allin - You Hate Me and I Hate You 7"
Government Issue - Legless Bull 7"
Hates - So What 7"
Hates - Panacea 12"
Legal Weapon - No Sorrow 12"
Lewd - Kill yourself 7"
Los Reactors - Dead in the Suburbs 7"
The Mad - Eyeball 7"
The Mad - Fried Egg 7"
Mary Monday - I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie 7"
Minor Threat -Filler 7"
Misfits - Cough/Cool 7"
Misfits - Bullet 7"
Misfits - Horror Business 7"
Misfits - Night of the Living Dead 7"
Modern Warfare - #2 7"
Naked Raygun - Flammable Solid 7"
Nasty Facts - Drive My Car (Jimboco press)
Nervous Eaters - Just Head 7"
The Next - Make it Quick 7"
Pagans - Not Now No Way 7"
Penetrators - Teenage Lifestyle 7"
Plugz - Move 7"
Randoms - A B C D B/W Let's Get Rid Of New York 7"
Red Squares - Modern Roll 7"
Reign of Terror - Don't Blame Me 7"
Rhino 39 - Xerox/No Compromise 7"
Sado Nation 7"
Saigon - Annihilation 7"
Schematix - Jagged Edge 7"
Seizure - Cuties Wrong Now 7"
Silver Chalice -Wasted (w/sleeve)
SOA - No Policy 7"
Skunks - Can't Get Loose 7"
Stains - John Wayne Was a Nazi 7"
Spiny Norman's Mind Games - Sorry About That Chief! 7"
Teenage Depression – Skank Or Die 7“

Teen Idles - Minor Disturbance 7" (1st or 2nd press)
Toxic Reasons - War Hero 7"
Toxin III - I Rock I Ran &"
V/A Eyes/Controllers/Skulls 7" (on What? Records '78)
Village Pistols ‎- Big Money 7"
VKTMS - Midget 7"
Wipers - Better Off Dead 7"
X - Adult Books 7"
X_X - A/You're Full of Shit 7"
Youth Brigade - Possible EP


Active Dog - Rat Race 7"
Fits - Bored of Education 7"
Hot Nasties - Invasion of Tribbles 7"
K-Tels - Automan 7"
Platinum Blonde - No Regrets 7"
Red Squares - Ottawa Today 7"


1984 - Vi Stikker 7" (Norway)
ADS / City X split 7"
A5 - Erst Ausgabe
Agent Orange - Your Mother Sucks... 7"
Agent Orange - VD 7"
Bastards - Impossibilities 7"
Blut + Eisen - Fleisch Rollt 7" 
Brülbåjz (LLR) 7"
Cell 609 - Factories 7"
City X - Dansende Drenge 7"
Contrazione/Franti split LP
Depression - Moderne 7" (France)
Dieter Meier - Cry For Fame 7"
Electrochoc - Trois Minutes / Chaise Electrique 7"
Eskorbuto - Mucha Policía, Poca Diversión 7"
FDS - Paranoia 7"
Filth - Don't Hide Your hate 7"
Fresh Color - No Chance 7"
Helmettes - I Don't Care What the People Say 7"
Huvudtvatt/Picnic Boys split 7" (preferably with Huvudtvatt sleeve) 
Indirekt - Nieuws Voor Doven En Slechthorenden 7"
Johnny Yen Bang - Kill the Disco 7"
KFC - Kriminalpogo 7"
Kjøtt - Et Nytt Og Bedre Liv 7"
Kjøtt - 12"
Krampe / Overdose - 7"
Lama - Nimeton 7" 
Lama - Väliaikainen 7" 
Lama - Ajatuksen Loppu 7"
Lama - LP
Lars Langs ‎– Lars Langs Greatest Hit 7"
Liket Lever - Levande Begravd / Hjärtats Slag 7"
Lost Kids - Cola Freaks 7"
Lullabies - Next One 7"
Marplots - Bombenterror E.P. 7"
Mecano Ltd - Face Cover Face 7"
Middle Class Fantasies - Tradition 7"
Nasal Boys - hot Love 7"
Oslo Børs ‎– 3-Spor EP 7"
Ox Pow - Esperanda en la Calle 7"
Pupukuusikko - Korkeajännitys 7"
Razzia - För Vår Frihet / Depression 7"
Rebels - Artificial Insemination 7"
Slime - Wir Wollen Keine Bullenschweine
Solunski Front - Мали Свет 7"
Søt Hævn - Asfaltparasitta 7"
The Spoilers / Mort Subite 7"Squats - noise Overdose 7"
Targets - Menschenjagd 7"
Targets - Schneller, Lauter, Härter 7"
La Uvi - Ya Está Bien 7"
V/A Hatelijke Groenten 7"V/A Pultti compilation 7"
Vulpess - Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra 7"Wannskrækk 12"
WC - Polis Polis 7"ZMIV - Bonsai! 7"


The Cigarettes - They're Back Again 7"
Machines - True Life 7"
Neon Hearts - Venus Eccentric! / Regulations 7"
Sears - If Only... LP
X-Ray Spex - Highly Inflammable 7" (red vinyl)


Aburadako - first 7" flexi
Boys Boys - Monkey Monkey/Control Tower 7"
Ikkashinju - Slow Down 7"Judgement - Process
V/A ADK Omnibus Vol 1. 2x7"


Babeez - Dowanna Love 7"
News - Dirty Lies 7"
Proud Scum / Terrorways split 7"
Thought Criminals - Food for Thought Crimes 7"
V/A AK 79 LP
Victims - No Thanks to the Human Turd 7"
Victims - Television Addict 7"
XL Capris - My City Of Sydney 7"


Atoxxxico 7"
Inocentes - Miséria E Fome 7"
Massacre 68 LP
Lixomania - 7"
Olho Seco - Botas Fuzis Capacetas 7"


Avengers - We Are the One 7" (target sleeve)
Dicks - These People LP
Pagans - Street With Nobody Lives 7"
Zeros - Hungry/Radio Fun 7"
7 Seconds - Committed for Life (first press red sleeve)
Penetration - Firing Squad 7"
DV8 - Learn To Say Goodbye/Guns On the Right
Dave and the Customerz - Fighting Machine 7"
Silver Chalice - Wasted 7"
Abuse - No Money 7" flexi
Cardboard Brains - The White 7"  

Monday, October 26, 2015

EYES ON YOU - Received With Thanks 12"

I consider Record Store Day to be mostly problematic, but that doesn't change the fact that the independent and volunteer-run stores we love get a significant spike in sales on that day. Thus, I attended a Record Store Day show at the Bay Area's best and only all volunteer-run record store, Thrillhouse Records, and this is the only record I bought. I had never seen it before, but Children Of The Revolution is a reputable label, and it was cheap, so I grabbed it. Totally cool stuff from the UK circa 1987 with the melody and punch that defined many other bands of the time and place. The bass is out of tune, but it doesn't detract much from the cool songs. It's similar to stuff like HDQ and INSTIGATORS, or DC stuff like GRAY MATTER and MARGINAL MAN. A short mention in Ian Glasper's book about UK hardcore, Trapped In A Scene, tells us that this band became FILLER, who I recall not really digging too much. Maybe it's time to revisit? The last cut on here, "Chance You Missed," is my top pick, even though the intro is a near copy of that long epic track on IRON MAIDEN's Powerslave album. Surely coincidental, right?

Friday, August 7, 2015

SEXBOMBA - To Niemożliwe LP

I bought this in Portland a couple years ago simply because it was a Polish punk record I didn't have. I'd say it's about half good, meaning half of the songs are pretty cool and the other half are forgettable. I had to check with a Polish buddy to see what this band is all about, as I'd never heard of them before, and with a name like SEXBOMBA it's hard to imagine them being on "our team." He told me that they are more or less a '77 styled punk band who achieved some sort of commercial success later on. Goofy, but not sketchy or anything. This is their first LP from 1990. I dig a lot of the songs on here. There is a pop element, and the drums sound programmed, but there's no denying their songwriting talents. Sometimes they remind me of DEZERTER, but maybe a little safer sounding. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I am rabid for 80s German punk. There's so much awesome German punk, varying in so many different styles. Some of my favorite bands - SLIME, NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES, UPRIGHT CITIZENS, BLUT + EISEN - are German. One of my recent collecting goals is to acquire all of the EPs from the Pogar label out of Berlin (except for the VARUKERS EP they did...I don't really feel like I need that one). I've been slowly achieving this goal, most recently pulling together tough finds like the killer HONKAS and HARNRÖHRER EPs, via the simplest method: Ebay. The old-fashioned method of "digging at record stores" is not totally obsolete though. I recently attended a show at local Oakland record store 1234 Go, and while scanning the 7"s across the wall above the tapes I spotted a slightly crinkled, vaguely familiar pink xerox-style sleeve - you know, the kind that gets your attention, but once you get closer it may just be some shitty 90s dollar bin fodder. Low and behold this time it was this DISASTER AREA / DIE SCHLIMMEN FINGER split EP on Pogar records! Twenty bucks. I scoured the place for more, but as expected, there weren't any more 80s German punk records to be found there.

The DISASTER AREA stuff is fairly mediocre skate-punk stuff, though not bad. But it was the DIE SCHLIMMEN FINGER side that totally caught me off guard. I'm instantly enchanted by the huge singalong choruses and ringing guitars they display on here. It's almost like the COCK SPARRER side of Oi, but still unmistakably German punk. 

In case you're looking to unload them, my top priorities on the Pogar EP list at this time are VORKRIEGSJUGEND, VELLOCET, and MARPLOTS,  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

AURORA - Viszlát Iván LP

One of the few early Hungarian punk recordings to make it to vinyl, AURORA's debut album is a non-stop barrage of melody and drive. Virtually all the songs on here clock in over 3 minutes, breaking the supposed 2:20 punk-song rule, but it's still a strong listen all the way through. I still haven't managed to track down their EP on Empty Records out of Germany yet, but I've been told it's even better. I've heard earlier demo recordings on Youtube that sound really cool as well. The early Hungarian punk and hardcore stuff seemingly hasn't gotten as much reissue treatment as stuff from most other places. The bits of stuff I've seen, heard, and read are all really compelling and interesting. I'm sure it's only a matter of time, right? In the meantime, enjoy this classic LP. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

OSTIA PUTA - Un Cuento Particular / La Caja Tonta

Sometimes when I spot a record I've never seen before, my gut says "buy it." As long as the price is low, of course. I came across this single on my first day of record shopping in Barcelona last fall and my gut ordered me to pick it up. Turned out to be a pretty good find thanks to some nice singalong choruses and the urgent and snotty a-side. Maybe comparable to other Spanish bands like LA POLLA RECORDS, especially in the more light-hearted sounding moments. Don't know what to make of the cover other than they must not have taken themselves too seriously. 

Friday, June 12, 2015


Reviewing records at MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL has it perks. Sometimes I get stuck reviewing awful and soulless modern clone bands with a mere penchant for regurgitating aesthetics. Sometimes it's a long lost demo limited to 30 that no one cared about then, and frankly no one should care about now either. Other times I get assigned reissues of brilliant but little known bands such as BRZYTWA OJCA. Just when I think I've collected up all of the best Polish hardcore there ever was from the 80s, I'm reminded that I don't know it all. These guys formed in 1984 and this recording is from their 1988 tape. Liner notes explain they shared the stage with the likes of DEZERTER, THE CORPSE, ARMIA, KSU, NADZOR, etc... Their sound is bouncy and urgent punk very much in the tradition of their aforementioned contemporaries. Being introduced to bands like this is definitely a huge upside and privilege to being on the MRR reviewer team, but the downside of that is many times foreign submitters can't afford to include a copy for the reviewer (I  get assigned a lot of the Eastern Euro stuff). Luckily I made it to Poland last fall and kept a keen eye out for this reissue, and thankfully it wasn't too hard to find. Recommended for fans of Polish (or just good) punk!